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[Secret Blue Coconut 2016] For the Community: To Break Her Fall
olhoazuladmin wrote in oafanfics
Title: To Break Her Fall
Author: Anita
Fandom: Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,300
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix Wright/Franziska Von Karma
Genres: het, romance, humor
Summary: Phoenix goes to Miles’s apartment for a quick favor but he had no idea he wouldn’t be alone there. Now he has Franziska Von Karma to deal with, and Miles messaging his phone worried about her. What could have triggered it?
Warnings: Warnings (or lack thereof) go here
Disclaimer: I have no rights whatsoever on Gyakuten Saiban, nor do I earn anything with this story.
Notes: Story written for the Secret Coconut, a fic exchange promoted by the community OA Fanfics Community. [Do NOT remove the previous sentence!] Additional notes may or may not go here.

To Break Her Fall

  Why did it have to be him there? Even while Phoenix put the key and opened Miles Edgeworth's door, he still wondered. Detective Gumshoe had been decidedly disheartened when he heard that Edgeworth had asked that favor of Phoenix and not him.

  "Can't you even say what this is about?" the good detective had insisted with a frown, which reminded that of a dog begging for just a piece of chocolate.

  Sure Edgeworth hadn't made him wear to secrecy. Someone had been wrongfully indicted and could be found guilty with all the proof the prosecution had collected. No one would be better than Gumshoe to actually bring forth evidence of the man's innocence, actually. However, Edgeworth had been adamant on the international call direct to Phoenix's phone; "I can't trust anyone else with what in my home, Wright."

  The door was open now, and Phoenix didn't think he would find out so soon the reason for Edgeworth's overzealousness.


  Instinct mixed with reflex made him recoil as he heard the whip withdraw. Of course he knew that was a whip, he'd been on the bad end of that thing too many times now.

  "Identify yourself, trespasser!" a firm feminine voice demanded from the other end.

  Phoenix lowered his briefcase and opened his eyes fearing the undeniable, praying for the miracle that he wouldn't find that woman in front of him. Still, seating on the couch of Edgeworth's living room was she.

  "Miss Von Karma?" he said weakly. Had he known they lived together? Had Gumshoe? Who'd be so willing to go anywhere near her?

  "Phoenix Wright! Are you such a fool you can't even so foolishly state your foolery foolish name?" she asked, cracking her whip against the floor once more. The distance had been the sole reason he hadn't been hit before, and he wasn't one to complain about etiquette greeting visitors.

  "Y-your... Err. Edgeworth. He asked me to pick up a document from his study. I have the key, look." He hoped he didn't have to walk all the way into the whip reach to show it.

  She waved her hand dismissively and looked back to the television set he just noticed to be on on some daytime rerun of a detective movie.

  "Then go and vanish with your foolish person from my sight."

  "O-okay." He looked around being his first time there and took the hall, opening each door until he could find Edgeworth's study. Footsteps behind told him he would only be free of Von Karma when he left that house.

  Remembering Edgeworth had left detailed instructions to locate the file with all the documents needed, he picked his phone and reread the email from earlier. If it weren't that man's fault, he'd thank him for his excess with details. In five minutes, he had a binder with the defendant's name neatly written on top of it. To make sure he wouldn't have to go anywhere near that house anymore, Phoenix sent a couple of pictures over instant messaging. "Is this it? Miss Von Karma is here but I don't think she knows about it?"

  "What are you doing fooling around here like a fool without any foolishness to do?" Von Karma demanded from the door with her arms folded but no whip in view.

  "I promise I'll be out of here the moment Edgeworth confirms this is what he wanted." He now realized he hadn't even explained to her anything of his mission there. But she didn't ask.

  "Then do it faster."

  And it seems she wouldn't be listening even if he tried.

  Phoenix looked again at his phone screen, telepathically asking Edgeworth not to take long. He wiped a drop of sweat from his forehead and looked idly around the room. The place appeared barely to be used, being all books and binders as opposed to the many trinkets and mementos he had seen at Edgeworth's office back in the prosecution building.

  "Um, could I have a glass of water while he doesn't answer?"

  "Are you that much of a fool you don't even foolishly know how to find a foolish kitchen?"

  He let out a wry smile before staggering toward what he prayed to be his desired destination. Luckily, he had seen almost the entire house, so he reached there without any mistakes. Still, the footsteps reverberated behind him, almost like a tic-tac to the next whipping session.

  Guessing he would have to serve himself, he got a glass and opened the refrigerator for the bottle of water. The moment he was done pouring the liquid, his phone rang.

  "That wild mare is still there?" Edgeworth had just answered. "The files are correct, you can take them to the lawyer I mentioned in my email. First, could you tell me how Franziska is looking?"

  Phoenix's eyebrows lifted and his eyes darted in Von Karma's direction, who was standing by the door again. What the heck did Edgeworth mean by how she was looking?

  "What is it, Phoenix Wright?" she asked, not taking more than a second to feel bothered.

  "Um, Just Edgeworth wondering if you were fine," As he said, Phoenix took a second look. Maybe the phrasing had just been weird and the email didn't mean anything indeed but now he noticed her, didn't she look too thin? And even if she's always had a pale complexion, her eyeballs seemed to float free around a hollow, dark space.

  Von Karma didn't take long to catch the change in his mind either and marched his way, ready to take his cell phone away from him.

  "What are you doing?" Phoenix asked startled.

  She looked him in the eye. "What are you doing, foolishly spying on me?"

  "I'm not!" Even he knew he sounded too defensively. "I mean, why would I?"

  "My little brother sent you here for that, didn't he?"

  "Edgeworth didn't even know you were still here or something. Look, I really have no idea what's going on." He finally surrendered his phone. "You can read it all, I just came for the documents and now I have them, I'll leave." Even if his conscience repeated so many times something did look off about that woman.

  Von Karma was supposed to be out of the country, no? On an Interpol mission or something? And yet, here she was, lodging with her non-blood-related brother. Even if they didn't have a bad relationship, the two had never exhaled any sibling love aura. No, they definitely didn't live together.

  "So..." she spoke under her breath, as she typed on his phone. "This should do it but let's wait until he answers. Miles can be smart sometimes, and we don't want him catching on our little secret." She continued to look at the screen expectantly.

  That certainly sounded dirty. Suppressing the wilder possibilities of what she had typed on his behalf, Phoenix stretched his neck trying to read the actual words. Von Karma hid it against her chest the moment he did so. "No, no, Phoenix Wright. You shouldn't pry on people's business."

  "It's my phone..." he tried to argue, knowing better not to. "You do look tired. Is it some bad case?"

  Von Karma looked back in silence, her misty eyes studying him as she tightened her lips. "Spill it, how much did he say over the phone?"

  Even though he considered bluffing, he was too afraid of being discovered to try. "Edgeworth told me nothing, I swear."

  Surprisingly, she looked even more suspicious after that answer. In a second, she was standing right in front of him, her head looking up in a way he could only describe as seductively. "Come on, you can do better than that." Her long fingers landed on his chest, holding his tie to pull it, his neck inevitably bending Von Karma's way. They had never been as close before, had they? But at that moment, he couldn't think straight or even spell his own name. "And don't I look just fine to you, Phoenix Wright?"

  Who? Oh, yeah. Him. "Yes... yes..." he mumbled while unable to breathe or even look away from her beautiful eyes.

  Beautiful? No! Frightening! He felt like a sailor who had just sat on VIP for the étoile mermaid private concert.

  But they were beautiful. Even if a little empty. No, hazy. Hazy and sad.

  He knew he was drowning before she reached for his lips, sucking them as gentle as Franziska Von Karma could never have been. And still, there she was, opening his mouth to let he tongue massage his. Pressing her body against his as her free hand went from his tie to his neck and played with the ends of his hair.

  The ringtone awakened him in the middle of drowning.

  She grumbled. "What does he even mean?" Then, she proceeded to type furiously something too long to have really been written by Phoenix.

  "He won't buy that—" he tried to warn her too late, and received an annoyed glare in response after she had hit send.

  "Yes, he will." She seemed to remember what they had been doing for her look softened. Next, she threw her body back against his, this time forcing him against the refrigerator. There wasn't any line in her he couldn't feel, and Von Karma didn't miss the opportunity, equally exploring under his shirt with her cold long fingers.

  As much as he fought not to think about it, the worry was inevitable. "You must have lost at least twenty pounds since the last time we met," he panted through her deep kisses.

  "I didn't know you had a thing for the chubby ones, Phoenix Wright. Not that your body seems to concur on that." She lifted her leg, enveloping his lower half and bringing it even closer to her. That was no good, he couldn't think or breathe or even move. "Now don't be a fool. Just stay quiet and enjoy your payment for letting me settle this foolish issue with my little brother. No one wants him foolishly flying back here for something so foolish." She now worked his ear, causing goose bumps to pop up all over the region.

  But there was something then. She was too frantic about this. As if Phoenix's systems had finally found some back up source of power after the short circuit she had caused, his hands pushed her away.

  Von Karma looked furious.

  "Look, you can have my phone for the whole afternoon, and do whatever with Edgeworth but I can't do this." He shook his head to make it clearer not to her but to himself. Most of his body still couldn't believe what he had just undone. "I've gotta go had these anyway. Someone is in jail because of us here the longer we speak." He gulped down the rest of the water, took the binder and walked clumsily toward the door. Perhaps he should have taken a few minutes before but at least now he was out, his brain finally got enough oxygen.

  Oh man... he would so regret walking out on the devil like that...


Miles Edgeworth
That wild mare is still there?

Miles Edgeworth
The files are correct, you can take them to the lawyer I mentioned in my email.
First, could you tell me how Franziska is looking?

She looks perfectly healthy and ready to fight anyone.

Miles Edgeworth
I wonder why she hasn't left, then.
I was sure she'd find a place in a day but it's been two weeks.
You think she's been eating?
Wright, are you there?
You should answer, Wright.

Will you stop foolishly stepping into Franziska Von Karma's business?
She is a prodigy prosecutor and a Von Karma.
Moreover, you should be grateful to her for taking care of your foolish home while you are away.
Miles Edgeworth, you are the one who should answer to reckon you have understood.

Miles Edgeworth
Of course, yes. Your logic is perfect.

I demand you tell me what you mean by that, Miles Edgeworth.
Miles Edgeworth?
You foolish fool who foolishly speak of foolish foolishness. You come back to our talk and explain yourself.


  Phoenix had to muster all in him not to laugh at the history on his screen. After running away from Von Karma earlier, he had regretted leaving his cell phone hostage but he didn't intend on going back to Edgeworth's house just for that. After much thinking, he noticed cancelling his number and buying a new device was more worth it.

  He had kissed Franziska Von Karma. And then refused her.

  How could he have a death wish as large as that?

  And of course, even hours after, the memory of her lips was still heaven. Unattainable heaven. But there he was again in hell. Von Karma had reached him in his office and ordered him to go back that very moment.

  "He knows it's you, Miss Von Karma," Phoenix finally said, slipping a bit farther from her on the couch.

  To his luck, she didn't look surprised. "So now you type." She pointed at the screen hitting it with the tip of the nail. Images from her hands on him revived in his mind. "Phoenix Wright, did you hear what I said? You are to type to my little brother and make sure he knows I'm okay."

  "But why does it matter?" he said before he could think better. A rain of whipping attacked him the next moment.

  "I'm telling you fool to simply do it!"

  He nodded and looked again at the talk. How was he supposed to fix that? He started typing, "I'm sorry, I spent such a lovely time with Miss Von Karma that now I noticed I sounded just like her. I hope that didn't freak you out."

  Miles response came before Von Karma could even comment on mine. "Yes, I see it, Wright. I'm sorry for my questions, I was just worried to find out she still hadn't moved to her new apartment."

  Had he really bought that one? Phoenix frowned at the rest of the message and turned to Von Karma. "If you haven't found anywhere, I sure know someone who could help you."

  She turned her face away. "Your friends are all fools, I can do better without people foolishly getting in my way."

  He felt my phone vibrate with a new message from Edgeworth. "Franziska was uncharacteristically head over heels with some guy, and when that fell apart, she fell even harder and was locked in her room for over a week. I had no idea she even had been in town until Gumshoe commented he couldn't contact her. When I went there, I convinced her to come with me. Without my knowing, she actually sold the place. Then I had to come abroad, and I only did it because she swore she had already found somewhere and would be gone before I got home—"

  "What is that fool babbling to you about?" Franziska took the device from Phoenix's hand before he could finish and threw it on the floor. After cringing, he noticed the sound of the impact hadn't been so bad, so he got up to pick it back up.


  "Don't you dare, Phoenix Wright." Von Karma shook her finger, ready to hit him again.

  "But Edgeworth has finally started trusting it was really me. Also, he'll see that I read it and find it strange that I'm taking so long to answer," he tried to argue the truth, although he really just wanted to know the whole story.

  Was it really true that Franziska Von Karma had fallen for someone and was now broken-hearted? He had worried that her appearance was due to some disease, and never considered she was just sick in her heart, in the figurative meaning.

  "Let me just answer then, I promise I won't read the rest of what he said." He waited as he saw her tilt her head.

  "Then get it." She pointed at his poor phone.

  It had been kidnapped, abused and now thrown away. Still, it looked okay, to his relief. True to his word, he ignored the many lines he hadn't read yet and started typing, "I'm sorry to hear she has gone through so much. I assure you she looks healthy and I'm sure she'll move out after house-sitting for you." Phoenix looked her and waited for her approval to press send.

  It was hard ignoring so many lines... but he had to do it. Franziska had been hurt by someone, and really bad. This was no time to invade one's privacy even if the information had arrived to him in good faith.

  "Hey, Edgeworth just answered thanking me for the news. I guess it's all right now?"

  "Thank you."

  Phoenix looked startled when he heard Franziska's voice say those words. Maybe she had said "hate you?", but it wouldn't even fit the situation.

  "You should answer 'You're welcome', Phoenix Wright."

  "You're welcome" he repeated as if he had just learned those words in a foreign language. This was uncomfortable. The two had more than just kissed that afternoon and now they were in somewhat peaceful terms... it was too easy to forget that woman was no angel. And there he went, drowning again in her mermaid eyes.

  "Good boy." She smiled impishly but got to her feet.

  Yes, yes. He shook his head to wake him from those daydreams. He had to go home; it was late already. Also, he had to leave before Von Karma decided to throw him out with the tip of her whip. "So, thank you for letting me in. I mean, to get the documents. It seems that person was really innocent after all, and he might not even have to face a trial now."


  Phoenix feared his thoughts had conjured the whip and froze on his way to the door.

  "Hold it there, Phoenix Wright." Von Karma came face to face with him and then showed her teeth. Not in a smile. "How much did you read? And who am I fooling? Give me your phone."

  He contracted his body but wondered if it was worth the pain to come. "I have my contacts there and—"

  "Give me! I won't break it, or do you think I'm a criminal going berserk and damaging someone else's property?"

  Well, the wounds from the whip were legally called damage but... He thought better and relinquished the device with unstable hands.

  "What a fool," Von Karma said as she rolled her eyes. Her fingers tapped and swiped, her lips pressed one another, her eyebrows were almost glued together when she exhaled a victorious "Aha!" She gave him back the phone and then sighed in relief. "My brother's message has been deleted. Now you must tell me exactly how far you've read that bag of foolish crap, Phoenix Wright."

  Even if he had wanted to be honesty—he didn't really—, his mind was a blank page of fear. He was aware of knowing too much. Edgeworth had certainly wanted payback for Von Karma trying to fool him but it had all spilled on Phoenix.

  "I'm waiting, Phoenix Wright. Have you forgotten how to speak?"

  He cleared his throat. "Just that you've lost your house and now want to find a new one." He saw her lift an skeptical eyebrow. "Oh, and the boyfriend? Or something. I didn't read that much, I swear! And it's all forgotten now. Really!" He gulped under her stare. Who needed to open psyche-locks when they had Franziska Von Karma? "You've also lost quite a bit of weight. Okay, more than twenty pounds, he said. That's it! Er... right, and that you locked yourself in the apartment. I really don't know anything else."

  Her mouth was now aghast. "You know everything, don't you?" She retract her arm in shock. "You read it all!"

  He was sure there had been more but that did sound like the complete story... "Not all," he said sounding almost voiceless.

  "And there was nothing there about boyfriends, Phoenix Wright. You're already changing this story to some foolish daytime soap opera!"

  "I'm sorry, I swear I don't remember." And still, he knew that even if Edgeworth hadn't written boyfriend, the phrasing there implied that. And Von Karma's expression couldn't deny it. "Are you okay, now?"

  She gasped and lifted her eyes to him.

  "Well, you do seem better than Edgeworth is painting." He studied her again, still sure she didn't look all that healthy. But Edgeworth had certainly played with her in that conversation, so he probably felt she was getting herself together again. Also, he was no man of drama, Von Karma must have really looked bad when he left.

  She folded her arms and turned her head away. "None of your business, Phoenix Wright." Her finger was on his face a moment later. "And if you start spreading untruths around, you'll wish you had never been born. Did you hear me?"

  Nodding awkwardly, he said, "I won't, really."

  "This includes us kissing in the kitchen."

  He nodded again. While the whole message content was already evaporating away, he was trying hard not to remember that one. "Okay." That had been the result of desperation, he repeated in his mind. He had to forget just like she was saying.

  Von Karma's eyes scrutinized his every reaction. "I don't know what's gotten into me," she finally said, relaxing her posture and putting a hand on her forehead. Just like she meant that for the present. "Weren't you going home, Phoenix Wright? What are you doing there, standing like a fool?"

  Acknowledging that was the exact description to his demeanor, Phoenix took a step back and was ready to wave goodbye when her arms enlaced his neck. "Miss Von Karma?" He felt her body close the distance with his, her lips brush his skin.

  "Franziska Von Karma. That's my name."

  Did she mean he was supposed to call her by the full name?

  "Such a silly fool." She pulled away just to shake her finger on his face but the rest of her body seemed to press against his even more with the movement. "Call me by my name. Von Karma was my father." She closed her eyelids and put her lips on his.

  Phoenix had no idea how to react. What did she want? He couldn't even begin to hypothesize what Von Karma, or Franziska, would want out of making out with him again. He had been a good boy and let her have the phone for as long as and for whatever she had wanted.

  That could only mean...


  A nervous laughter came out, interrupting the one-sided kiss.

  "What?" Franziska asked not sounding anything close to amused. And he was even relieved to get an expected reaction, finally. "What, Phoenix Wright? Is this anything funny to you?" She took a couple of steps away from him and seemed to decrease in height. Was she contracting herself?

  "No, no!" he tried to deny, knowing it didn't sound convincing. "Miss... I mean, Franziska... I just have no idea of what's going on. Why are we...?" He motioned to the two of them.

  She let out a sigh and shook her head. "Do we really need a reason?"

  "Um... I guess so."

  "You didn't seem eager to know earlier."

  "It was quite obvious. Especially after you stated it yourself."

  Franziska looked distraught for a moment. "Then I guess you should go." She walked to the door and opened it violently. Stupefied, Phoenix could only stare outside. "So?" she demanded, although she never reached out for her whip.

  That could be a sign or even a message, conscious or not. Phoenix took a deep breath and walked forward. Not toward the door but slightly to the side where Franziska stood. As firm as he had ever been, he took her in his arms and sealed it with a deep passionate kiss. He could feel her body gradually relax, slipping through his hands, as she trusted herself to him. Despite how frightful that realization could be, he swore not to let her fall. The depth of this reached him just as he thought so.

  "The door..." Franziska said with a husky voice. "The whole street could see us..." she continued weakly, not parting from their kiss in any way.

  "Should I stop?" he asked while frowning.

  She chuckled. "You really are a fool Phoenix Wright." With one leg, she pushed the door shut, turning back to him with a feverish gaze. "Where were we?"

  "I think I was about to find out where your room is."


Miles Edgeworth
I've just returned.
What is this note Franziska left me, Wright?
She moved to YOUR apartment?
Did you not read a word I wrote you?
She's been miserable for weeks.
This would never work.
It doesn't even make sense.
Wright? You should at least answer.
I do get a notification whenever you read my messages.
You've read it again.

Phoenix Wright
Such a fool. Miles Edgeworth, don't you worry.
Franziska is doing very well.
I might be a fool but not as much as to do anything to her.
Actually, I'm too much of a fool to be able to do that.
I'm blocking you to make sure you won't bother us again.
You'd better not try to foolishly confront me face to face.
You never know when a whip is coming.
I mean, not my whip, I don't have a whip. I'm also not supposed to touch Franziska's precious whip. Ever.
But a whip will come any fool's way who foolishly try to do anything.
You've been alerted.


Anita, 27/11/2016


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